Iowa and Global Climate Strike

Having written a lot recently about choosing between continuing to fight for climate change or, instead, preparing for the climate chaos that we’ll continue to experience, I’m a little ambivalent about things like this climate strike. Global strikes like these do raise awareness about the threats of climate change and hopefully might result in people and institutions doing more to address climate chaos. They do help build a web of connections with other activists.

I also believe faith groups can be very helpful by offering spiritual support during these increasingly dark times.

“Faith groups have much to offer the movement for climate justice. We can speak out with moral clarity, reach across difference, speak with both love and conviction. But the climate movement has much to offer our faith too. It’s an opportunity to come together, with purpose, helping others to see our vision for a just world.”

Anya Nanning Ramamurthy, Quaker climate activist

Iowa Climate Strike is part of a global movement, that is organized by youth, for the purpose of bringing attention to climate change and the urgent need to make changes in how we live in order to protect the environment we depend on.

Join people from across the world, and strike for our climate!! September 20th we’ll strike again, so mark your calendars!! We’ll start at the Iowa State Capitol, and have lots of wonderful environmental organizations tabling, we’ll listen to inspirational speeches and climate stories. After that we’ll march to Cindy Axne’s office and demand that she signs on to the Green New Deal. We need your help to make change!!

Iowa Climate Strike

Art by David Solnit, from the Climate Strike Arts Toolkit

In the video below by Rodger Routh, see how we are preparing for this Friday’s Climate Strike at the Iowa State Capitol from 10-2pm.

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Iowa Climate Strike

Iowa Strikes Back by Roger Routh

Huge thanks to the team of artists who came together to make this amazing #ClimateStrike animation!

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