Lights for Liberty – Washington DC

Report from Rezadad Mohammadi and Christine Ashley (FCNL), Washington, DC

America has traditionally been a country of immigrants. For many, the U.S. is known as a global “melting pot” due to its mixture of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. That’s what makes America special. However, due to recent changes in policies regarding immigrants and asylum seekers, many have a different perception about that now.  

On Friday night, thousands of Americans across the nation came out to express their opposition to policies that are inhumanly treating asylum seekers and putting them in detention centers. At Lafayette Square near the White House in Washington, hundreds of people gathered at a “Lights for Liberty” demonstration to raise awareness of the current condition of Immigrants and were demanding the immigration services such as Border Patrol facilities and detention centers to be closed. 

The spirit at the vigil was strong

Speakers from different organizations and faith leaders also shared their concern and support for immigrants. 

Christine and I attended after work (Friends Committee on National Legislation – FCNL), joining the vigil Friday to lift up support to end the evil policies that are imprisoning children and families, policies holding our neighbors in cages instead of policies that welcome those fleeing persecution, violence and war, poverty, pervasive hunger, injustice. We cannot stand by while this immorality continues.

Look at all who showed up: families, people of all ages,  races, faiths.

While we were there, we tried to personally meet people, and support this movement for all to take our message of lovethyneighbor (No Exceptions) to our members of Congress. @Friends Committee on National Legislation can help

We gave away 75 signs and invited many to pick up a corner of the banner and pose with us. I think this was great Outreach and we did it after a long week because we feel so strongly about this.

–We must not forget that It is our duty to stand for justice and spread the word of love–

Rezadad Mohammadi, Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

Photos and video: Rezadad Mohammadi

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