We have watched with mounting horror as details and images of the inhumane treatment of children in the detention centers at our southern border continue to emerge. Tomorrow there will be protest rallies across the country demanding that the camps be closed.

“Everyone now knows just what is at stake along our southern border. This is a humanitarian crisis that gets worse and worse each day we choose to ignore it,” said Diane Randall, FCNL executive secretary. “Quakers see the light of God in every person. This includes the children suffering unjustly in our border detention centers, their parents from whom they have been separated, and the government officials enforcing these immoral policies. We need to fund emergency assistance that ends family separation and assures community-based care for children and their families immediately.”

  • On Tuesday, July 2, 2019, MoveOn, United We Dream, American Friends Service Committee, and Families Belong Together will lead protests across the country in front of congressional offices to demand the closure of inhumane immigrant detention centers that subject children and families to horrific conditions. 
  • The protesters will call on members of Congress to close the camps, refuse to authorize any more funding for family detention and deportation, and visit detention camps to bear witness to the atrocities being committed.
  • Tens of thousands of migrants are being held in horrific conditions, forcibly separated from their families, with no promise of reunification or future assistance. 
  • The conditions at these camps  are the product of a cruel and intentional strategy by the Trump administration to terrorize immigrant communities, criminalize immigration, and dismantle our asylum laws. 
  • From imprisoning children in inhumane detention centers, threatening widespread raids to break up families, and covering up reports of migrants dying in U.S. custody there is no end to the Trump Administration’s  inhumane, cruel and morally bankrupt policies. 
  • On Tuesday, we will raise our voices together to demand the permanent end to family detention and separation, ensure all families are reunited, and close these camps. 

Sign the petition here: http://mvn.to/camps-sign

You can see where events are happening here:

Text CAMPS to 668366 to continue taking action to #CloseTheCamps.

A core principle shared by supporting organizations is a commitment to nonviolent, peaceful actions. All actions that are sponsored or organized on this page are intended to be nonviolent and peaceful. We expect all participants to act lawfully at all times and to seek to de-escalate any potential confrontation with those who disagree with our values.

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