4 Dead in Ohio, May 4, 1970

I clearly remember May 4, 1970, when Alison Krause, William Schroeder, Sandra Scheuer, and Jeffrey Miller were shot and killed by Ohio National Guard troops at Kent State University while protesting against the Vietnam War.

I was a Senior at Scattergood Friends School. Trying to figure out whether to be a conscientious objector, or to be a draft resister, occupied a lot of thought and time. I kept a journal at that time, and used that as a basis for a lot of blog posts I wrote about my struggles with the draft. https://kislingjeff.wordpress.com/?s=draft
In the end I chose to be a draft resister.

On October 15, 1969, one of the National Moratorium Days to End the War in Vietnam, the entire School and most of the teachers walked from the School to the University of Iowa campus, in Iowa City, around 12 miles from the School. We walked in silence, with a couple of peace signs.

On the Moratorium day in November, we held a draft conference at the School.

Draft conference, Scattergood 1969
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young “Ohio”
Buffalo Springfield – “For what it’s worth, Vietnam War”
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