Fallon Forum, AFSC and FCNL

Today’s message in the book “365 Days of Walking the Red Road” by Terri Jean is:

You must speak straight so
that your words may go as
sunlight to our hearts. —COCHISE,

Jean, Terri. 365 Days Of Walking The Red Road: The Native American Path to Leading a Spiritual Life Every Day (Religion and Spirituality) (Kindle Locations 1424-1427). Adams Media. Kindle Edition.

Writing on this blog is a spiritual practice for me. I don’t know what I’ll write until I sit quietly in front of my computer, and either something I read in the day’s email messages or a leading of the Spirit will let me know. Then, I do my best to speak straight.

This morning I just read an email message from my friend, Ed Fallon, summarizing the topics on yesterday’s radio program. The Fallon Forum is broadcast every Monday at 11:00 am, discussing environmental and other justice topics with many interesting guests.

The first interesting thing was another friend, Jon Krieg, of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) was the guest host of the program. Jon has an excellent radio voice, I found. He was hosting yesterday’s episode because Ed was traveling to talk about his book, “Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim”.

Come hear Ed Fallon share the incredible story of the 2014 Great March for Climate Action as chronicled in his memoir, Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim. Ed also discusses the growing urgency of the climate crisis and Bold Iowa’s “Climate Bird Dog” campaign, urging presidential candidates to prioritize the climate crisis. Books will be available for purchase and signed by the author. All proceeds support climate action work.

Yesterday, Ed was speaking in Indianapolis, at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, where I received my degree in Respiratory Therapy many years ago. I had contacted my friends there, and hope a number were able to meet Ed and hear him speak. This morning Ed posted “Exciting kick off to the Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim climate speaking tour. Kathy and I enjoying dinner with our new Indianapolis friends — awesome advocates for climate action.” In the accompanying photo I see my friend Jim Poyser, who does amazing environmental work with youth in Indianapolis. Jim and I were Action Leaders in the Keystone Pledge of Resistance and involved with Stop Dakota Access Pipeline efforts, amongst other things.

Ed, Kathy, Jim Poyser and friends in Indianapolis

On this week’s Fallon Forum, guest host Jon Krieg facilitates a discussion about immigration:
– America Duran, a young immigrants’ rights advocate, joins the program to report on her lobbying trip to Washington, DC.
– Erica Johnson, who directs AFSC’s Immigrant Rights Program in Des Moines, discusses legislation at the state and federal levels.


When I read that this morning, I wished I had heard the program. Fortunately recordings of each episode are available on the Fallon Forum website. I began listening to the podcast this morning, and you can, too, at the following link:

Click here for the podcast of the April 1, 2019 show.

America Duran was the first guest, talking about her recent trip to Washington, DC, to participate in the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Spring Lobby Weekend.

America Duran
FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend

America is a DACA recipient who come to the United States from Mexico when she was 3 years old. “The experience (Spring Lobby Weekend) was very surreal. Being there with students from Simpson College and Iowa State was an experience I have no words to describe.”

Wow! Here was yet another interesting thing to learn. My friend (I’m blessed to have so many awesome friends) Rezadad Mohammadi organized the group from Simpson College that America spoke about, to attend this year’s Spring Lobby Weekend.

While he was a student at Scattergood two years ago, Reza went to Washington, DC, to participate in the Friends Committee on Legislation’s (FCNL) Spring Lobby Weekend. This year he has spoken with friends and to some classes to explain what FCNL and Spring Lobby Weekend are about, so that he could find several students to go to this year. He found 5 Simpson students to go with him. He also spoke to the Simpson College administration about FCNL, and convinced the college to provide some funds to help with the students’ expenses.

Reza and I are involved with a new FCNL program called “Meetup Motivators”, which involves inviting people in the local community to come together to discuss their concerns, and find ways to act on them. Reza’s work of speaking about FCNL is what meeting motivators is about.

At Spring Lobby Weekend this year, Reza was able to talk with both Iowa Senators, Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley.

On March 15th this year, Reza and I traveled to Scattergood Friends School and Farm, that we both graduated from. There, again, Reza spoke about FCNL and the Spring Lobby Weekend.

“I was thrilled to be back at Scattergood yesterday (March 15, 2019) to visit my instructors and friends and also educate Scattergoodians about my social justice activities. During this time, I elaborated how individuals could take action to be an activist and tackle social problems while big entities such as corporations or government can’t/won’t. I also talked about climate change and shared possible ways that could help individuals and a community like Scattergood to fight for a clean environment and climate. Besides, I discussed my trip to D.C.  that will happen from March 23rd-26th as I will be lobbying for immigration policies and reforms with FCNL and members of Congress with five student from Simpson College.” 

Rezadad Mohammadi
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  1. Ed Fallon says:

    Thanks, and wow, you work fast! Had a great time visiting with Jim last night. Thanks again for making the connections! – Ed

    On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 9:49 AM Quakers, social justice and revolution wrote:

    > jakisling posted: ” Today’s message in the book “365 Days of Walking the > Red Road” by Terri Jean is: You must speak straight so that your words may > go as sunlight to our hearts. —COCHISE, CHIRICAHUA APACHE TRIBAL LEADER, > 1812–1874Jean, Terri. 365 Days Of Walking The ” >

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