Grandmothers Fighting KXL

From the Lakota Peoples Law Project:

In the wake of the movement at Standing Rock, Big Oil has not slowed its efforts to push pipelines through our Native nations. And now, as the battle over Keystone XL brews in South Dakota, the state legislature has passed two laws — SB 189 and SB 190 — meant to curb our constitutionally-protected right to protest.

As you read this, I’m helping marshall forces against KXL, which is headed as soon as this summer for my home nation of Cheyenne River. These new bills will permit South Dakota to prosecute demonstrators and organizations who oppose KXL and other pipelines, perversely defining online organizing as “riot boosting.” The lines are drawn, but we won’t back down.

These laws continue the subjugation of my people, something I’ve been fighting my entire life. In “Warrior Women,” a documentary about me and my daughter recently released on PBS stations, you can see (free until March 26th!) the history of that struggle. I urge you to watch it and donate to the Lakota People’s Law Project today to help fund my work — including the coming defense of our home against yet another dangerous pipeline.

As it prepares to build out KXL, Trans-Canada has already set up a man camp just 13 miles away from Cheyenne River Nation. This should be of particular concern to those of you tracking the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (#MMIW). Man camps — unnatural, testosterone-filled dens of machismo — are notorious for endangering the lives and wellbeing of Indigenous women.
And “Warrior Women” eloquently speaks to the power and wisdom we Native women hold. We grandmothers are frequently the engine that makes things go on tribal nations. My circle of five grandmothers attends as many meetings as possible at Cheyenne River, and in cooperation with the council and our water protector chairman, Harold Frazier, we provide issue-driven oversight. We then work with a larger network to take needed action.
Despite the new laws specifically designed to keep Native people and our allies from protesting against oil projects, we are preparing to stand again.

Madonna Thunder Hawk, Lakota Law

Here is a link to the video, Warrior Women

Pipelines are being challenged in many ways and in many places.

A federal judge has blocked drilling on roughly 300,000 acres of public land in Wyoming because the Department of Interior failed to take climate change into account when auctioning off the land for oil and gas leasing.
U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras ruled that officials from the Interior’s Bureau of Land and Management (BLM) should have considered climate change risks such as greenhouse gas emissions linked to the drilling before making the decision.
“By asserting that these crucial environmental analyses are overly speculative at the leasing stage and more appropriate for later, site-specific assessments, BLM risks relegating the analyses to the ‘tyranny of small decisions,’” Contreras wrote in his memorandum opinion.
In other words: Putting off decisions about climate impacts is no longer an option.

Oil and gas leasing rejected in Wyoming because, well, climate change, Grist, March 20, 2019

San Francisco – Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied yet another attempt by TransCanada to begin construction on its proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The court left in place a ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana that blocked construction on the controversial tar sands pipeline amid an ongoing legal challenge.

TransCanada Loses Again in Latest Attempt to Begin Keystone XL Pipeline Construction, Friends of the Earth, March 15, 2019

I’ve been working to protect the water and fighting against the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines for the past six years. I hope you consider supporting Grandmothers Fighting KXL, and other ways to continue these fights to stop these pipelines (black snakes).

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