Historic Flooding in Nebraska

I’ve been out of touch with news this past weekend as we were at Bear Creek Meeting, cleaning and getting ready for Midyear Meeting. The broken dam and historic flooding is hard to believe. Climate chaos is here now.

Iowa Friends Nancy Jordan and Carol Gilbert have marked themselves as safe on Facebook.

Marshall Massey says “Those poor farmers in the Missouri bottomlands!
This interchange is smack on my path to Iowa (Conservative) Midyear Meeting — in fact, my mother’s house is in the blur near the horizon under the curl in the airplane’s wing. The detour I’ll have to take, down through the center of Omaha, will be slow and jammed with semis (long-distance trucking across the continent). But it’s nothing compared to what the bottomland communities are suffering.


Several areas in the Midwest experienced record flooding this past week, with high water on Saturday causing more levee breaches on the Missouri River, prompting widespread evacuations and isolating neighborhoods and towns.
Record-high river levels were reported in at least 38 locations in the Midwest, particularly in Nebraska and Iowa, said Jonathan Erdman, a senior meteorologist with weather.com. Heavy flooding was also reported in Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota, and the National Weather Service said it would continue past the weekend.

Record-High Floods in Nebraska Breach Levees and Isolate Towns 3/16/2019by Mihir Zaveri, New York Times,

A roadway in Omaha, Neb., is underwater on Saturday as flooding continued in parts of the Midwest.Credit Jeff Bundy/Omaha World-Herald, via Associated Press

Whitetail Fit, Published on Mar 16, 2019
What is happening along the river banks of Nebraska is absolutely devastating and heartbreaking. These towns are being destroyed and severely affecting the people who call these places home. People, Cattle, and livestock being trapped without any way to get to them, homes being submerged by a rush of 10 foot water and 2 foot thick chunks of ice bigger than a truck. These are the same river banks I have had some of my most memorable hunting experiences on. Those properties are 100% under water right now.. I am partnering with the American RedCross of Nebraska and have set up a means and outlet through Whitetail Fit and GoFundMe for people to donate and help out however they can to get food, water and clothing to the 15+ shelters set up along the eastern border of Nebraska. This money will also be used to help rebuild these peoples lives. This is our community, our town and our State. I may not be able to do much on my own, but together and through the Whitetail Fit family, I’ve seen some pretty amazing things happen. I believe in the Hunting community, and the passion everyone has in their hearts to help when there are those who are helpless. I’ll be posting more from here out and keeping everyone up to date on the efforts. Thanks guys!

Joel Burham, Owner Whitetail Fit

At least one man is dead, two others are missing and nearly 900 people are inside temporary shelters amid the worst flooding in Nebraska in 50 years following a “bomb cyclone” storm that wreaked havoc across the Great Plains this week.

Nebraska slammed by worst flooding in 50 years after massive ‘bomb cyclone’ USA Today, Joey Garrison, March 16,2019
Two dead after historic flooding, CBS Weekend News, 3/17/2019

All this is a tragic background to the youth climate strikes that occurred around the world Friday. The following photos were taken by Shari Hrdina at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines for Bold Iowa, used with permission.

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