The Sunrise Movement is the primary organization leading the efforts to promote a Green New Deal (GND). It was Sunrise that organized the sit-ins in Congress last November and December, generating national attention. Behind the scenes a lot of organizing is going on.

From Feb. 18-22, we are going to show up in person at our Senators’ and Representatives’ offices and ask them to cosponsor the Green New Deal Resolution.
Then, on Feb. 26, we’re going to Congressional offices around the country for a nationwide coordinated day of action to push for a Green New Deal.


Recently Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced he would bring the Resolution for a Green New Deal up for a vote. He hopes that will put pressure on those who support a Green New Deal (GND), and stop the momentum of support for it.

The Sunrise Movement sees this as another opportunity to call out fossil fuel money influence in Congress. This new campaign is called #OilMoneyMitch

Note below the Action Training scheduled for Sunday evening (Feb 24). This will be training on how to participate in a nonviolent direct action. A commitment to nonviolence is one of the key principles of the Sunrise Movement, as it was for the Keystone Pledge of Resistance, Dakota Access Pipeline resistance, the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960’s and many others. Those who organize such actions know that training for all participants is crucial. Just one person committing an act of violence tarnishes the entire action. We saw this happen last year in Charlottesville, when “Antifa” attacked the white supremacist protesters. That made it possible for the president to say there was violence on both sides.

Sunday February 24: Action Training 7-10 pm at St. Stephens Church,  
Monday February 25: ACTION DAY

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced he’s rushing the Green New Deal resolution to a vote in the Senate as early as next week. He’s wagering that this will kill our momentum.

On Monday Feb 25, young people from Kentucky – McConnell’s home state – are planning to confront him in DC. We will join them to ask Mitch McConnell to look us in the eyes and tell us why he’s putting his oil and gas donors above our generations’ survival.

We’re putting all Senators on notice: if you stand with Mitch McConnell and his billionaire friends, instead of standing for the our generation’s future, we’ll remember that when next time you want our votes.

If you live within driving distance of DC and want to join us on the 25th, fill out this form.

Note: We have secured some housing and hope to provide housing to everyone that needs it. You can request it by RSVP’ing and we’ll be in touch.

Feb 18-22Visit Congressional offices
Feb 24 Action Training 7-10 pm at St. Stephens Church
Feb 25Visit/action at Mitch McConnell’s office
Feb 26Visit local, in district Congressional Offices
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