I Want You

[Sorry, this isn’t about romance]

Many of us are old enough to remember, or have seen pictures of the “I Want You” posters used to recruit men for the military during World War I and II.

J. M. Flagg

I’m thinking about that this morning as I think about where we are with the Green New Deal. “I (We) Want You” to speak up for the Green New Deal. We need you to talk with your family, friends and neighbors. Speak at city council meetings. Write letters to the editor and letters or visits to your Congressional and state representatives.

This is a critical time for your Congressional representatives to hear what you think about the Green New Deal (GND).  The GND is seen as a threat by establishment politicians and corporate American, because it is. And the attacks on the Green New Deal are already widespread.

At this stage we need to point out that the Resolution for a Green New Deal ONLY specifies that a committee be created to begin work on the legislation that will be needed to make the Green New Deal happen.

It is easy to get discouraged by the dysfunction of our political processes, but that is one of the main goals of the Green New Deal. To return political and economic control to local communities. For this to happen, large numbers of us are going to have to re-engage, and speak up about the opportunities a Green New Deal will provide for us all.

As this diagram shows, the Green New Deal is about building a new vision of our economy and political processes.


This link takes you to a website that will help you write a letter to your Senators (a Senate vote is planned when Congress returns) asking them to support the Green New Deal.

This link will help you write and submit a letter to the editor: https://www.sunrisemovement.org/lte

Rolling Stone puts it well, “we sit at the nexus of protest organizing and electoral politics.“ We also sit at the nexus of embracing the one chance we have to avoid runaway global heating, or continuing to try to hide from increasing environmental chaos.

A truly beautiful world is possible—one without poverty or pollution, and with prosperity and dignity for everyone. Humanity has everything it needs to build that world in a single generation: billions of creative, hard working people, technology that already can allow us to make a comfortable living safely and sustainably, and unlimited energy from the sun that we can now harness to power that technology.

The obstacles to getting there are political, not technical. Entrenched, backward-looking political elites fight to keep the world as it is. An equally-powerful blocker is their reigning consensus—called neoliberalism or “the Washington Consensus”—that drives their thinking on economics, government, technology, labor and business. Over a period when multiple existential threats to life as we know it have emerged into plain view, the Washington Consensus has deliberately sought to paralyze societies to prevent them from acting collectively.

Finally a new consensus is rising. It is driven by a new generation of thinkers and leaders who recognize that governments and other public institutions have played a critical role every time a national economy has renewed and reinvented itself—not only by setting rules, but also by setting goals; not only by building infrastructure, but also by investing in new industries; not only by protecting rights, but also by materially correcting historic injustices.

New consensus thinkers are exploring how government and other public institutions can lead the transition to a green economy, close wealth and income gaps between groups, spearhead innovation and research, kick-start new high wage industries, and more.

New Consensus https://newconsensus.com/
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