Sunrise Movement 2019 (cont’d)

Yesterday’s post was about the Kickoff call for the Sunrise Movement’s plans for this year and describes how to host a house party to draw new members into the Movement.

In March, the Road to a New Green Deal Tour begins. Large public meetings will be held in cities across the country to increase the visibility and awareness of the Sunrise Movement and Green New Deal.

More training will take place in the spring so there will be more people who can train people locally. Training is also important to make sure we are all aware of the Principals of the Sunrise Movement, and have a consistent story to share with others.

If you are interested in be a leader in the Sunrise Movement, the first step is to attend Sunrise 101: Leadership Training Series, a series of 3 online meetings to learn about the Movement and the Green New Deal. The next series begins January 17, 2017. Completing this series is a prerequisite to attend the follow-up 3 day in person training sessions.

Disaster Response Teams

In late summer we will again experience strong storms, hurricanes and fierce fires. The plan is to have Sunrise Disaster Response teams organized and ready to go where a climate disaster has occurred to:

  • Help the victims
  • Bring attention to the role of climate change in causing the disaster
  • Bring attention to the local officials who did or did/not work on policies to address environmental problems that contributed to the disaster
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