Our Road to victory on a Green New Deal

The video at the end explains that although politicians and the fossil fuel industry use the economy as the “go to” excuse for climate inaction, instead, changing to a green economy is the only way we will begin to solve our environmental crises. This is the argument that you can use when you talk to others about the Green New Deal. Talking to others, not just politicians, but your family, friends, neighbors, church, and classmates, is how we build political pressure for the Green New Deal. #NoExcuses

Following is the plan for achieving support for the Green New Deal from the Sunrise Movement.

We need you to help us to this.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proposed a Select Committee for a Green New Deal, a plan that would transform our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis. It’s our fighting chance to actually stop this crisis – for some of us, the first we’ve seen in our whole lives.Read specifics on the Green New Deal Select Committee here

Here is how we win:

  1. Get a critical mass of members of Congress to support a Select Committee for a Green New Deal NOW. We already have 43 in just five weeks.
  2. In January, make sure the next Congress puts the Select Committee in motion.
  3. Use the next year to write the best Green New Deal bill possible, and organize candidates and people across the country to support it.
  4. Join with other movements for change to elect a President and a Congress that will stand up to fossil fuel CEOs and pass a Green New Deal to transform our economy within the coming decade and offer a job to every single American who wants one — no matter the color of your skin, where you live or where your parents are from.
Taking action and raising your voice is how we achieve Step 1 (above).

In Boston, Sunrisers visited 4 Congressional Representatives’ offices on the same day.  In California, youth brought the pain and misery of the drought-driven fires that have claimed almost a hundred lives to bear in the offices of Congresspeople. From Virginia to Oregon, Ohio to Colorado, youth are uniting to send a clear message: the time for talk is over. We need action from our leaders.

It’s the best chance we have to fight climate change. Today is the day more than ever before.

Last week, fossil fuel CEOs mobilized some of their strongest allies, who have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the industry, to speak out against the Select Committee for a Green New Deal. They are pushing back, hard.

But together, we are more powerful than the wealthiest industry and the slimiest politicians. That’s why we’re so excited about the movement we’re building: because we believe that if we show up and refuse to back down, we are unstoppable.


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