Help Love Overcome Despair at our Southern Border

The increasing militarism, tensions and despair at our southern border are difficult to see. How is it possible that our country takes children from their families? How is it possible our country uses tear gas against men, women and children? How has the situation deteriorated to the point where we build walls with barbed wire, like the Berlin wall? 

New policies and actions from the Republican administration are intentionally manipulating the situation, slowing the processing of applications for asylum to a trickle. The resulting despair creates even greater fear and frustration.

The following video talks about this situation, including reports from people who have been at the border. The video also describes ways we can help love overcome despair.

One of the things I was glad to see in the video, during the report from the Poor People’s Campaign, was the connection between immigrants at our southern border, and the hundreds of thousands of climate refugees that have been, and will continue to be created within our country (and every country) by our deepening environmental chaos. 

Next week will be a national week of actions by faith organizations and groups such as the Poor People’s Campaign to bring attention to this humanitarian crisis. 
You can find an event near you, or help with organizing your own event here:

One suggested idea is to hold a silent vigil in your community. Another interesting idea described is a Jericho Walk. 

A toolkit for this is available:


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