The commitment is transcending

There are so many things I learned and experienced during the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March. I’m having trouble figuring out how to organize all of this to share with you. One of the important goals of the March is to share what we learned as widely as possible.

I really like the response of my friend Diop Adisa when I told him a little about the March. Diop said, “8 days wow. The commitment is transcending.” The one sweatshirt I brought on the March had a Diop logo on it. I like to carry the spirit of my friends with me.

One of the people I spent a lot of time taking with on the March was my new friend, Matthew Lone Bear. The two of us were among those who were documenting the March, and spent hours talking about photography, videography, the use of drones, Quakers, and his family and time on the reservation and at Standing Rock. Matthew’s video gives a good sense of March:

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