Bicycling across the United States

It was great to see my Scattergood Friends School classmates, Dan Mott and Steve Maxwell, last night. It was also good to see Dan’s brother David, who was also at Scattergood when I was there. And to meet Steve’s wife Susan.

As Dan’s wife Barb explains in detail below, they are riding their bicycles across the United States, starting at the Golden Gate Bridge in California. They have reached Indianola, where we gathered at The Village for dinner and to hear their presentation about how the trip was going so far. Dan’s father, Don, lives here, as well as a number of other Quakers. Other friends from the area were also able to be present.

We saw a nice presentation of photos and heard the related stories. They have had a number of interesting encounters along the way thus far. This is the first photo from the presentation, of the salt flats in Utah.


As mentioned below, one of the reasons for the trip is to raise money, both for Scattergood Friends School (where they will be visiting in the next couple of days) and for Cherokee Trails.

I was very glad to see them and to learn about their journey. This also helps promote the use of alternatives to fossil fuel transportation. Your prayers and financial contributions to their causes would be appreciated.

August 14, 2018

As most of you know Dan has been planning for a cross-country bicycle trip across the United States. Today is the day he leaves for California. He will be riding his bicycle along with his high school classmate and friend Steve Maxwell of Boulder, Colorado. They will have a support vehicle following them the entire ride. Support drivers at different times along the way will include Dan’s brothers Dave and Dennis and the spouses of the riders, Barb and Susie.  Dan will be raising money for the Cherokee Trails expansion project thru a G0-Fund-Me page and also Scattergood Friends School (the high school where he and Steve attended) during his ride thru the school’s website. Read more about their challenge on his new Facebook page under his name Daniel Mott.

Dan said, “Over my lifetime, I have enjoyed bicycling as a way to maintain my physical and mental fitness.  A high school classmate,  Steve Maxwell and I have decided that, in the need of a good challenge at our advancing age, we will attempt to ride bicycles across the United States, starting August 18. The trip will start Saturday August 18th in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and hopefully wrap up about 40 days and 3500 miles later on the coast of New Jersey.”

We have attached the daily schedule which will probably change with weather issues and you can follow along on his Instagram and Facebook pages. The links to the fundraising sites for Cherokee Trails and Scattergood School will be available thru Dan’s Facebook page. This is the Instagram link:     If you would like to a message other than Facebook or Instagram is email address is   

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face…..     


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1 Response to Bicycling across the United States

  1. Christine Ashley says:

    Sage Friends, may your journey be safe and free of obstacles and may your your friendships grow with each mile.

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