Third day of the march begins

It was a nice change to sleep indoors (in the church) especially because it rained again. When I arrived in the dining room at 7 a.m. several people were continuing the discussion stimulated by Lee Tesdell’s presentation the night before.

Prior to beginning today, Tricia performed smudging for us, to remove negative energy and bring positive energy. This video was shot by Mahmud Fitil who is marching with us. My feet actually felt better after that.

For the first several hours it was raining pretty hard. Everyone took it in stride as we marched in our rain gear and continued to share stories.

After Lee’s presentation last night, he took me to see where the pipeline crossed the highway we would be traveling on when we left Huxley. We planned to have a ceremony when we reached the pipeline. Donnielle Wanatee offered good prayers, asking for protection for the walkers, and for their families at home. I was surprised at what an emotional time this was. It was especially difficult for Kathy Byrnes, bringing back a lot of bad memories of her past experiences with the construction of the pipeline on her neighbor’s land. Many offered her hugs.

There was a moment when Donnielle and I were standing together. I reminded her we had traveled to Minneapolis in a van together in February.   She said she remembered me, thinking I had a kind face.  That made my day.

There were additional pipeline crossings. Miriam offered prayers at the second crossing. It was emotional, again.

We also marched past a pumping station, where we also stopped and offered prayers.

So today was mostly about walking in the rain, and experiences at the pipeline sites.

The tipi was setup again. Following is a short video of putting the cover on the tipi.


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