Protest Art: Caged baby Jesus

cage baby jesus


The Nativity scene was put up early this year at Christ Church Cathedral, an Episcopalian church on the Circle in the center of downtown Indianapolis.

The Episcopalian church’s dean and rector, the Rev. Stephen Carlsen, says the display that’s part of the church’s “Every Family is Holy Campaign” condemns the nation’s immigration policy that’s holding families in detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border.
He says the Holy Family was “a homeless family with nowhere to stay” and that the Bible says “we’re supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves.”  (c)WNDU NBC South Bend, IN

Hopefully creative efforts such as this can build pressure on the Republican administration to reunite children forcibly removed from their families at the U.S.-Mexican border. Especially as it has become increasingly clear the administration did not keep record of which child belongs to which parent.

Irwin Redlener, president emeritus of Children’s Health Fund and a professor of health policy and management at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, told Salon that  “we typically think of a child abuse and neglect as something that happens to children when parents or a guardian is over-disciplining, or engaged in acts of violence, sexual exploitation, or extreme neglect,” he said. “The federal government has created a policy which is cruel and abusive. Let’s call it what it is: ‘child abuse by government,’ that’s the only way to describe the consequences of the misguided policy.”
“All Americans should be horrified,” he added.   Salon, May 31, 2018

The real question is what was the administration’s actual purpose with these separations? Since they didn’t intend to reunite the children and their families, what was their intention? Is Congress going to fulfill its job of oversight of the administration to investigate why this was done, and make sure it never happens again? Is Congress going to hold those responsible accountable?

Do you have a Nativity scene and some fence?

p.s. The Christ Church Cathedral has been the site of numerous social justice actions over the years. For example, this was the church where high school students camped out at (in the rain as it turned out) to bring attention to the homeless in Indianapolis.

And the Church was the site of at least one Black Lives Matter event.

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