Family Separation

Following is a Minute approved by Bear Creek Friends Meeting of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative), 6/24/2018.

Family Separation

In the face of almost universal condemnation at home and abroad, we are glad the President has reversed his decision to forcibly remove children from their families at our southern border. Unfortunately, much damage has already been done, to the children and their families, and to our social fabric. The least we can do is work for the immediate reunion of these children with their families. That should include providing transportation back to this country for those who were deported while their children were held in camps here. Mental health services should be provided to those traumatized children.

Congress should pass legislation to ensure this never happens again.

The administration should stop restricting the ability of people to apply for asylum. The change in policy that does not recognize fear of domestic abuse or rape as credible fear should be rescinded. Morally, crossing the border without papers is not criminal, but survival.

Efforts by both our government and non-governmental organizations to improve conditions in those countries refugees are fleeing from is a crucial part of addressing immigration.

Underlying all this must be reclaiming the moral narrative for our public policies. Too much of what the current administration has done, and continues to do, is related to stigmatizing those who are seen as “others”.  We should instead embrace diversity.

Bear Creek Friends Meeting, Earlham, Iowa

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2 Responses to Family Separation

  1. Kathleen J. Hall says:

    I think it’s excellent, Jeff. I hope Yearly Mtg. will adopt it or a similar minute.

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