NFL Black0ut


“It’s time to Blackout the NFL. They have shown that they do not care about people of color and we must stop spending our time, efforts, energy, money and resources where it is clear that we do not have a voice… Support the movement. Share this video with #blackout.” Thomas Felder



Kneeling Kapernick

A Quaker perspective on Colin Kaepernick and #BlackLivesMatter by Lucy Duncan, American Friends Service Committee

“It’s that white fear and haze of indifference to the life of an unarmed father standing in the road, dead because his SUV broke down and he happens to be Black, or a Black man who is parked when police come looking for a suspect, that is at the root of the shootings themselves. This is the persistent, deadly indifference that 49ers football player Colin Kaepernick is calling out when he sits or kneels when the national anthem is played.”

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