Shattering the Silence

Yesterday’s Poor People’s Campaign event focused on working to end racism. Our event in Iowa was a rally at the Shattering Silence sculpture.

The sculpture is adjacent to the building that houses the Iowa Supreme Court and at the top of the hill overlooking the Des Moines skyline. It is in commemoration of the 170th anniversary of the landmark 1839 Iowa Territorial Supreme Court ruling that prohibited slave Ralph Montgomery from being extradited back to Missouri after he failed to raise the $550 he promised to pay to buy his freedom. The Iowa Art Council’s newsletter describes the art as a commemoration of “those moments when Iowa has been at the forefront of breaking the silence of inequality and commemorates those Iowans who refused to stand by silently when they saw injustice.”

The paper below shows what people were saying out loud at the gathering, that “we won’t be silent anymore.” That it is important for each of us to respond to any act of injustice we witness.



It was good to see Jon Krieg, Patti McKee, Quinn Dilkes and Eloise Cranke there.

These events were taking place all over the country. My friend, Rezadad Mohammadi, attended the Poor People’s Campaign event in Minneapolis. This is his photo.

Reza 1

Poor People’s Campaign, Minneapolis.  Photo by Rezadad Mohammadi

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