Photographs and Memories

I’m not sure what to think about Facebook in light of how the platform was used to influence the last election(s) (and perhaps upcoming elections). I would hope people would verify what they read on Facebook with other sources. But friends of mine have argued with me about things they have read, and accepted, on Facebook, that I knew were not true.

Occasionally Facebook displays reminders of what we have done in the past. This morning I was shown the following photograph from four years ago, reminding me of when we were trying to raise awareness about fossil fuels and the dangers of the Keystone XL pipeline on the streets of Indianapolis as part of the Keystone Pledge of Resistance.

Jeff Keystone Circle

Stop Keystone Pipeline, downtown Indianapolis, 2014

One thing I appreciate about Facebook is how it helps people connect with each other. I’ve written about the time I spent in Indianapolis with the Friends Volunteer Service Mission (VSM) in the early 1970’s. VSM was a project of the Friends United Meeting to help Quaker meetings support young men who were doing alternative service for the military draft. I ended up turning in my draft cards as a draft resister, but did two years of service with VSM anyway.

My focus there was working with the neighborhood kids. There were no programs at all for kids in that part of the city at that time.

Yesterday one of those kids connected with me on Facebook. We hadn’t been in contact since those days.

Donnie: Excuse me, but are you the Jeff while in your college days headed up a kids 4-H Photography group that was sponsored by a Church on the near southwest side of Indianapolis?

Me:  Yes. I guess you remember those days. 
Donnie:  I hope the years have been good to you Jeff. I remember those days well, the bike rides across town and the trips downtown to take pictures, as well as that dark room in the bathroom where you taught us how to develop them.

conversation continues…

More of the story about those days:

When it was time for me to leave this project, the kids gave me a Jim Croce album. Photographs and Memories is one of his songs.

In a 1974 review in Billboard Magazine, the editors wrote, “It is hard to believe one man poured out a fountain of excellent work in barely two years, but this LP offers proof of the greatness of Croce’s career and is, in all respects, truly a greatest hits album. They’re all worthwhile and this magnificent collection makes one realize just how greatly this man will be missed. The beauty of music, however, is that he will always be heard.” Sep 28, 1974 Billboard Magazine

These are photographs from the time I spent at the Friends Volunteer Service Mission in Indianapolis.



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