North Korea Update 4/18/2018

Last month Linda Lewis and Daniel Jasper, AFSC staff who have been working in North Korea, visited us in Iowa for a number of events (

We have been wondering what, if anything, might happen next. I’ve been telling people that will probably depend on what happens if the meeting between the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea occurs.  Yesterday we received the following update from Daniel:

“Thanks again for all the hospitality when Linda and I came to visit. Our timing couldn’t have been better. I just had a meeting with State yesterday and they are looking for ideas for exchanges in the event the Trump-Kim Jong un summit goes well. Naturally, I highlighted AFSC’s willingness and ability to help and spoke about our recent Iowa visit. I stressed that Des Moines Quakers and an ag delegation would be a natural fit and gave them the Des Moines Register article about Khrushchev.”

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