Heed the Spirit

The people of the world and Mother Earth herself are oppressed and losing hope for a return to a right relationship among people, and with nature. Those who know how to listen to the Spirit, know the Spirit will show us how to heal our broken world, and those who have forgotten should be reminded.

The Spirit is in everyone and everything. The Spirit has always shown us how to live in peace and love one another. Our society is broken when too many have turned from the Spirit. We can all be more faithful in our obedience.

Far too many people struggle for the basic necessities of life. Too many don’t have the love and support of family and community, and lose hope. Too many see diversity as a threat instead of a joy.

Mother Earth is dying from abuse. We have recently witnessed the power of the water protectors as we have risen up to protect the water and the earth, guided by prayers.

The tools and ways of conflict are everywhere. Our children no longer feel safe when they go to school. We hear the truth in their voices saying enough is enough. Shootings have shaken us to the core. We feel the Spirit telling us now is the time to protect our most precious and vulnerable. Now is the time to show our children we have the courage to join them in following the Spirit to make the changes that will keep us safe and bring peace to us all.

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