Spiritual Fire

Lately I’ve been thinking and writing about light and Inner Light.

Many years ago, around the year 2000, Dan Treadway and I were the reporters for the annual sessions of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative).  The reporters write articles about the yearly meeting sessions to send to newspapers.  Digital cameras were just becoming available and Dan asked for permission to take photographs for use in the article we would submit.  He was told that would be permitted with the exception of photos taken during meeting for worship or meeting for business.  I had also obtained one of my first digital cameras at that time.  I extended that permission to continue to take photographs of people at Quaker and other events from that time on, but also to not take photos during meeting for worship or business.

About three years ago, during meeting for worship at North Meadow Circle of Friends in Indianapolis, the shadows on the bench in front of me kept drawing my attention.  A slight breeze was causing the pattern of the sunlight shining through the curtain to continuously move. It came to me that looked like spiritual fire, even though I couldn’t remember hearing that term before, and was lead to give the following message:

“Shifting patterns of shadow and light on the bench before me look like spiritual fire.”

After meeting, my friend Daniel Ballow said, “I always wondered what spiritual fire looked like.”  And I replied, “Now you know.”  Afterward I wondered if that meant he was already familiar with that term, but never remembered to ask him.

Since I had my camera with me, after meeting was over, I took a short video of those shadows moving on the back of the bench, and recorded that message on the video.

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