Randy’s Birthday

Today is Randy Porter’s birthday. He was my best friend.  We met when I first arrived in Indianapolis to work with the Friends Volunteer Service Mission (VSM) in 1971, and died 12/26/2011.  He asked me to be godfather to his sons Brandon and Shawn, and gave me the chance to share in the experience of the joy of raising children, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  We saw each other every day of our adult lives, with very few exceptions.

I recently came across the YouTube video of the X Factor audition of Josh Daniel.  He sang “Jealous” by Labrinth. He explained that he lost his best friend, and was jealous that his friend was happy in heaven and he couldn’t still be with him. His performance brought the judges to tears, and a standing ovation. It makes me tear up when I watch it, too, because of how it expresses how much I miss Randy.


I’m jealous of the rain

That falls upon your skin

It’s closer than my hands have been

I’m jealous of the rain

I’m jealous of the wind

That ripples through your clothes

It’s closer than your shadow

Oh, I’m jealous of the wind, ’cause


I wished you the best of

All this world could give

And I told you when you left me

There’s nothing to forgive

But I always thought you’d come back, tell me

All you found was heartbreak and misery

It’s hard for me to say,

I’m jealous of the way

You’re happy without me



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