More on Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

As often happens, after publishing yesterday’s blog about visualizing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, I found more visualizations and ways to show continually rising CO2 concentrations.

One way is to add a widget, which is like a mini-app, to your blog post or web page.  The Show Earth website has a number of widgets that display CO2 concentrations.  These widgets are usually designed to continue to update with current CO2 levels.

Atmospheric CO2

NASA also has a new 3D model showing CO2 emissions.

The University of California TV hour long program is a very good discussion of the science behind climate change, a lecture by Professor Richard Somerville.  After clearly making the case for the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions he concludes by saying we need simple messaging, repeated frequently, and repeated frequently by a wide variety of people–this is where we all come in.

Some recommended websites include:

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