I took some photographs of Thomas Mullen, Earlham College religion professor.  I was supposed to take his picture for the yearbook, Sargasso, but he offered to let me take some family pictures for a book he was getting ready to publish. I gave them to him today and was glad he was pleased with them.


I also called home this evening. Mom and, especially I think Dad, are upset at the prospect of my leaving college–and about the draft situation thereafter. I feel so badly about going against their wishes because I love and respect them so, but we just don’t see things the same way. The trouble is that I’m not entirely sure of what my position is. I like to think that if I were to resist, I would be taking the chance of faith, as Jeremiah put it, because I feel it would be the right thing to do.  I feel I must make some choice, and the choice I make will be one of the first major steps in the development of my adult life.

(Note:  I came to feel I didn’t want to continue at Earlham College by this time in my freshman year.  I was surprised that Quakerism didn’t seem to play a larger role at Earlham.  Our Young Friends group was small and not very active. I was also feeling uncomfortable about having a student deferment for the draft.

One of the things I did enjoy was working on the staff of the yearbook, Sargasso, as a photographer. Some of the photos I had in the yearbook follow.

I took a Quakerism course from Hugh Barbour, a well-known Quaker author. I have his book, The Quakers in Puritan England.


I took a calculus course from Hal Hanes. We used a textbook he wrote that was an experimental approach to teaching calculus by using computer programming to perform various calculations, such as the integral (area under the curve) of an equation, etc. I actually used that very algorithm when I wrote software in the Infant Pulmonary Function Laboratory at Riley Hospital for Children, to calculate the integral of the flow signal from a baby’s breathing, in real time, to determine and display the volume from that signal (at a rate of 100 samples per second).


We also had the opportunity to include other photos we had taken. This is one I had taken on a trip to Colorado.


I took this of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge during our senior trip (Scattergood) to New York City.)


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