Silence = Death


“SILENCE = DEATH” was used by the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power(ACT UP), a group committed to the use of direct action to end the AIDS crisis, which is still active 30 years later.  From the website:  “For meeting the challenge of the AIDS epidemic and its crisis of conscience with vigilant acts of political and cultural provocation – thereby giving voice to the essential creative will of our humanity.”

“SILENCE = DEATH” today relates to our environmental disaster and its crisis of conscience. We are rapidly heading toward the death of Mother Earth.

  • Why aren’t more of us speaking out against the disastrous practices that are literally killing our planet?
  • Why aren’t more of us denouncing the dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency and regulations that protect our environment?
  • Why aren’t more of us calling out the abuse of power that allows ideology to trump science?
  • Why haven’t more of us supported water protectors?
  • Why aren’t more of us blocking pipelines and any further fossil fuel infrastructure?
  • Why don’t we increase our energy conservation and recycling efforts?
  • Why are some of us still traveling by air?
  • Why?

Be still and listen to your heart.  Heed the Spirit. Have courage to do what you know is right. After being still, raise your voice.


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