Scattergood Journal, Peace Walk 1969

I think the reason these past times have captured my interest now is I wonder how(desperately wish) we can create something like those antiwar and civil rights movements today.

October 11, 1969  School Committee Day

From the school committee minutes:
A group of students attended Committee meeting and explained plans for their participation in the October 15 Moratorium. The Committee wholeheartedly endorses the plans. The following statement will be handed out in answer to any inquiries:

“These students and faculty of Scattergood School are undertaking the twelve mile walk from campus to Iowa City in observance of the October 15 Moratorium. In order not to detract from the purpose of the walk, we have decided to remain silent. You are welcome to join us in this expression of our sorrow and disapproval of the war and loss of life in Vietnam. Please follow the example of the group and accept any heckling or provocation in silence.”



Vietnam War Moratorium Day, October 15, 1969  Scattergood Friends School

This is one of the first photos I ever developed, using a simple darkroom in the basement of the Main building at Scattergood.

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) frequently published photos of their War is Not the Answer signs in various locations, such as the one below which also includes a photo from one of the Peace Walks Christine Ashley organized in 2012.  As many of you know, Christine and Mark are working for FCNL now.

Peace Scattergood then now
FCNL: Scattergood Peace Marches

Christine also organize an Earth Walk in 2013.  This occurred the day after Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) and the School held a Climate Conference at the School.


Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Climate Conference, 2013

The Earth Walk would follow the same route of the earlier Peace Walks, this time with signs about the environment, and with us picking up trash along the way.  I really wanted to be part of this walk, and came from Indianapolis (by bus) so I could.  Below is a video of photos I took along the way, with interviews of people on the walk.

In case you didn’t see the video above, the last part mentions Don Laughlin, and the amazing environmentally innovative house he helped design and build.  We walked near the house during the Earth Walk.  Below is a photo of the house, with passive solar, solar panels, in floor heating, etc.


Don Laughlin’s energy efficient home

Don was also a draft resister, and I’ll be writing more about that soon.



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1 Response to Scattergood Journal, Peace Walk 1969

  1. Christine says:

    This was collectively good work all around and your photos and recording brings me joy, capturing a story of climate and peace works.

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