Reactions to Invitation to North Korea

As discussed here, Bear Creek Friends meeting wrote a letter to the Des Moines Register inviting another visit from a North Korean delegation to discuss agricultural practices.  I was wondering what the reader comments would be.  Following are what have appeared so far.


Harley Erbe

Kim Jong Un lives a life of luxury that arguably exceeds that of any other country’s leader. He has seventeen palaces. His people starve while he lives a dream life. Pyongyang also makes tens of millions of dollars annually through insurance fraud schemes. North Korea can easily afford to feed all its citizens. It chooses not to. It doesn’t need a lesson in food production. It needs a lesson in humanity. But let’s keep pretending that breaking bread with a few North Koreans will have any impact on their murderous, horrific regime. By the way, when sharing “stories” with the North Koreans (at least one of which will almost certainly be a North Korean intelligence agent), why don’t you ask for some stories about the generations of people imprisoned and left to be tortured and die in the labor camps?
George Koetters

Yes, please regale us with those stories where your fearless leader feeds his enemies to starving dogs. I’m especially interested hearing about some of the enemies of the state that are tied to the business end of a cannon and obliterated with a 105 mm shell. What a great country.
Antonio Gambino ·

Good gawd….the Hippy moron is strong in this one.
Larry Leighton ·

I would have thought at least one person would have been interested in this letter of friendship. Sadly, we have too many a** holes who sound as bad as the country they berate.
John Hughes ·

Works at Chemist
Hello again, Larry. “Friends” are Quakers who are extreme pacifists. I am glad that we have people like this in our country. Sadly, if they were in North Korea they would be executed as a Christian Sect. I agree they should not be belittled. Their viewpoint should be respected, heard and considered, but ultimately rejected in the case of North Korea.
John Burns

These are the same Quaker peaceniks who live in a democracy defended by those willing to pick up a gun and die in the process of defending those who want to make nice with the world’s murdering psychopaths such as communism and orthodox Islam.
Bob Vander Beek ·

A myth in democracies is that most governments are representative of their people. I think Harley summed up well that state especially of the rural people. They have been told their entire lives that the U.S. is out to destroy them. In interviews with a Chinese reporter most believed that and others said they must at least say they do. Any people to people contacts is at least helpful to reaching the North Korean people.

Trump stating what the Jung dynasty has claimed only appeared that propaganda. Those who snear at the intent of this letter should consider that it would be impossible to rain his fire as described without 10 million residents of Seoul including American Troops, businesspeople, and students. Then add the lives of those in Japan and China.

Harley Erbe

Bob Vander Beek Very true. North Korean children learn very early on what a B-52 looks like and and are shown pictures of the results of American bombing. They’re conditioned to hate the United States. But they’re also misled into believing that North Korea didn’t start that war and that Pyongyang didn’t completely underestimate the potential American reaction to the North’s invasion of the South.
John Burns

Kim has no interest in “friendship”. He’s a doctrinaire marxist thug who is singular in his desire to unite the Korean peninsula and turn it into another communist hell-hole.

Korean War Memorial, Washington, DC


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1 Response to Reactions to Invitation to North Korea

  1. Judy Plank says:

    As one of these peaceful Quakers, I am confused. If actions that lead to war are so successful, why is our country still at war (which has never been officially declared, I might add) after 15 or 16 years in Afghanistan and Iraq, especially after the original groups we were supposedly fighting are no longer the groups that we are fighting now? Why is it that U.S.weapons end up being used by whose we’re fighting? Why are 4 soldiers recently killed in a war most us us didn’t know the U.S. was fighting? So, tell me why so many make fun of people who want extend a hand to others who were also created by God. Christianity and other world religions profess love and compassion, yet when there are those who practice it, they are made fun of?

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