#StopETP: What We Want

Key to a successful campaign for change is to not only identify what is wrong and needs to be changed, but also what the goal is.  Yesterday’s post included the damages that have been done, and are continuing, from Energy Transfer Partners (ETP).

Following, from the #StopETP website, are our goals, which applies to not only Energy Transfer Partners, but all energy development.

What We Want

We demand that Energy Transfer Partners’ proposed and existing operations meet the following social and environmental criteria:

Water – Cause no water pollution;

Public Health – Cause no health-harming air pollution;

Indigenous Rights – Recognize and respect Indigenous sovereignty, including the right to say “No”;

Community Rights – Respect the rights of residents and property owners to protect themselves from harm;

Climate – Meet the climate test[8] to ensure the world does not exceed 1.5ºC temperature rise;

Accountability – Pay and commit to clean up existing water and air pollution, and to compensate those already harmed.


Energy development should conform to the Climate Test.

A Call for a New Climate Test

Energy policy must align with climate science. The Climate Test will use the latest climate science to evaluate all proposed energy supply and demand policies and projects in light of the globally agreed goal of limiting global warming to 1.5˚C, informed by the spirit of global cooperation that made Paris successful.

  • Energy decisions must be guided by climate science
  • Decision-makers must develop and consider models that are consistent with a global economic transition away from fossil fuels
  • Environmental review processes must assess the need for projects and policies in the context of global energy supply and demand scenarios consistent with international climate goals
  • Environmental review processes must assess a project or policy’s greenhouse gas emissions

Day of Action Twitter post 3


An Iowa #StopETP event has been organized by Ed Fallon, September 8 at 11:00 am on the west steps of the Iowa State Capitol building.  Prior to the event, please sign the related petition: http://fallonforum.com/petitions/

More information at the new Bold Iowa website: http://boldiowa.com/

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