The Eternal Now and Social Concern

As I prepared for meeting for worship at Bear Creek this morning, I was led to read the following.  I am thankful to have been raised in the Quaker approach to faith based social concern.

“The Eternal Now and Social Concern” is the title of a chapter in Thomas R. Kelly’s book A Testament of Devotion.

There is an experience of the eternal breaking into time, which transforms all life into a miracle of faith and action.  Unspeakable, profound, and full of glory as an inward experience, it is the root of concern for all creation, the true ground of social endeavor.  This inward Life and the outward Concern are truly one whole, and, were it possible, ought to be described simultaneously.

A blog post I wrote discussed the intersection of mysticism and activism:

The following SWAY presentation also discusses this.  You can move through the presentation by clicking the arrows at the bottom right.