Nonviolence and anti-fascists

Many of us who want to advance peace and justice, and who disagree with what white nationalist and other hate groups stand for, are alarmed by the violent tactics these groups are increasingly displaying in public.  And are also alarmed that groups who identify themselves as anti-fascist (antifa) feel they are justified in using violence and force against the white nationalists.

Those who believe in nonviolence know it takes a great deal of discipline for a nonviolent campaign to be successful.  The slightest deviation is pounced upon by the opposition to de-legitimatize the campaign.  Nonviolent campaigns are successful when they show by example their willingness to suffer for their cause, and their refusal to attack those they are working to change.  Because a core principle of nonviolence is that winning is not prevailing over an opponent, but instead helping those they are working against find another way to see the issue and make it possible for them to move away from injustice.

We need to find ways to help the anti-fascists understand the error of using violence.  We must apply the principles of nonviolence as we deal with them, as well as the hate groups.  This is a puzzling development but one that we need to find a way to deal with quickly.

This is a website that seems to be one of the places this movement uses, called Its Going Down.

Noam Chomsky wrote Antifa is a major gift to the right:


Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington, DC

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