Bill Chance / Frank Griffith

Bill Chance,  who I haven’t met, left this comment about yesterday’s post, Ethical Transportation 2. Bill writes about bicycles on his website

Interesting post. A few years ago, I made a commitment to reduce my miles driven by riding my bike more and using public transportation. Without making any sacrifices I cut my miles driven by more than 75%. It could be more if I wasn’t so lazy and prone to oversleeping.
Actually, what made the most difference was to be simply mindful of miles driven, trying to stay local, and, especially, combining trips into one.
Great photos – like the one guy (photo DSC_3399) I carry a folding bike (mine is a Xootr Swift, not made anymore, alas) in the back of a Toyota Matrix. Very versatile and useful.
Thanks for sharing.
Bill Chance

This is the photo he refers to, which is of Frank Griffith of Omaha Friends Meeting.  The photo was taken at the annual meetings of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) last week.  Frank and I spent a lot of time together at the Peace and Social Concerns Committee meetings (which met twice a day each day).  As Bill mentioned in his comment, this is an example of a folding bicycle.

It is helpful to hear other people’s stories about bicycles.  I’d be glad to get and share your story  

And I’m continuing to collect bicycle photos.!Avb9bFhezZpPiIYDlNTObg_ZHSucpQ


Frank Griffith of Omaha Friends Meeting at Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) July 2017

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2 Responses to Bill Chance / Frank Griffith

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Cool, it’s always fun to find your own name while cruising the WordPress Reader. Thanks for the attention.

    • jakisling says:

      I appreciated your useful story, supporting the use of bicycles. Obviously I’m trying to get people behind the idea, and the example of people who have actually done this is, I think, really helpful. I think it is our stories, more than almost anything else, that might get people to think about changing themselves.

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