This photo was taken at Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)’s Midyear Meeting this spring at Bear Creek meeting, outside Earlham, Iowa.



Christine Ashley, FCNL, Jeff Kisling, IYMC, Jon Krieg, AFSC


These representatives of Quaker organizations illustrate ways Friends are providing witness for environmental justice with alternatives to personal automobiles and fossil fuel transportation.

Christine routinely uses the Metro mass transit system in Washington, DC, to travel to work at the Friends Committee on National Legislation.



Bicycles at Friends Committee on National Legislation, Washington, DC


As I wrote yesterday, living without a car for almost forty years has been one of the defining efforts of my life.¬† I am a life-long member of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative), attended Scattergood Friends School, and am currently clerk of the yearly meeting’s Peace and Social Concerns Committee.



My bicycle at Bear Creek Meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)


Jon Krieg, of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in Des Moines wrote yesterday:

Thanks for your blogs promoting biking. I’ve been a happy bike commuter and rider throughout my adulthood, riding to work at AFSC for 22 years now. We installed this rack many years back for Friends House and DMVF use.

There’s a mental wellness factor for me as the ride provides a welcome break between work and home.

My commute is a little over two miles and takes about 15 minutes. We’re very close to a great bike trail, so I often extend it and make a big loop.

Here’s hoping we can bike together soon!

Bicycle photo album


Jon Krieg AFSC Des Moines 1

Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)

Jon Krieg AFSC Des Moines 1.j2g

Jon Krieg AFSC Des Moines, Iowa



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