I’ve been writing about being led to explore using a bicycle for longer range transportation as one way to try to deal with my recent move to Iowa, where local public transportation does not exist.

My friends in Indianapolis heard about this when they would ask about my plans for retirement.  I was very touched with a large number of people contributed to help me buy a good bicycle for this purpose, including my co-workers at Riley Hospital for Children, and friends from North Meadow Circle of Friends, and my friends at the Kheprw Institute (KI).  In addition, Dr. Robert Tepper, a life long friend and the Director of the Infant Pulmonary Function Lab where I spent most of my career, gave me a great backpack designed to be used with bicycles, that included a sleeve to carry a laptop computer.  The backpack is designed to hold the pack away from ones back, keeping sweat away from the pack itself.

One of the first things I did was buy the bicycle, a Cannondale Catalyst 4, the best bicycle I have ever owned.  I’m very thankful to all of my friends for making this possible.  It is a lightweight 21 speed mountain bicycle with a rugged frame and wide tires.  We added a portable tire pump and a mirror my Dad recommended, which works very well.

I’ve been concerned about my stamina, since about two years ago I could no longer run very far at all.  I started out slowly, but so far things seem to be going well.  There is a very nice bike trail in the woods from Indianola to a lake about 8 miles to the north—route below.  It is a pretty steep incline, with a change in altitude of 1,233 feet.  The small lake is picturesque, and I plan to take my camera on future trips.

Thanks very much to my friends for making this possible!

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