Be the Change Project

I’ve been writing about Integral Nonviolence,  explained in “The Gandhian Iceberg” by Chris Moore-Backman:


Be The Change Project is one community that is implementing these ideas:

We are an urban homestead and learning space dedicated to service and simplicity and rooted in integral nonviolence.  Our mission is to help create a more just and life-sustaining culture.  To those ends we look to nurture connection to people, place and purpose in all we do.

Thanks to the support of nearly 200 people, founders  Katy and Kyle Chandler-Isacksen were able to purchase a dilapidated house in a socio-economically diverse Reno neighborhood. Since then they have worked the land and reached out into their neighborhood and city to do their part in creating what Martin Luther King, Jr. called, “The Beloved Community”.

From Katy and Kyle:
Our attempt to live a nonviolent life is guided by principles of Gandhian Integral Nonviolence.  We attempt, in our day-to-day existence, to apply the wisdom of past practitioners to our own time and context with its own particular challenges and struggles.

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