Reese Visits North Meadow Friends

I previously wrote about Reese Hamilton, an 8 year old young man who has been acting on things about our society that bother him.  When murder occurred near his home last year, he was deeply affected by the violence and concerned about the safety of his family, friends and neighbors.  He wrote a letter about that to Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, who spoke about that letter in front of the crowd at the recent Kennedy-King Memorial celebration.  Reese was given the Trailblazer Award at that event.

Quakers have always worked for these things, too.  North Meadow Friends, several of which were in the audience at the Kennedy-King event, wanted to be involved with, and support the work of this young peacemaker.

We were really glad that Reese and his family could join us last night, as North Meadow Friends held their monthly meeting of Quaker Social  Change Ministry, a program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to help Quaker Meetings become engaged in community social justice work.  The Kheprw Institute (KI) is our community building partner.  We told Reese and his family about the great work being done at KI, and are anxious to help them make that connection.

We heard of several things Reese has planned, including some more neighborhood peace walks, and ways to help those with little or no resources.  We plan to share Reese’s story and work with KI, our local AFSC, the Peace Learning Center, the Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, and our Peace and Social Concerns Committee.

You can help support Reese’s work here.

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