Cell phone hypnotism

I think this may be a new term:  cell phone hypnotism.

As I wrote yesterday, I’m beginning to try to figure out whether I can continue to participate in the technology culture.  I had heard of the terrible conditions and environmental impacts of mining cobalt and graphite, to be used in lithium batteries.  But even if more humane and environmentally friendly batteries are eventually produced, there are other significant problems with cell phones, television screens, computer equipment, and digital cameras.

I wrote yesterday of how disturbing it is, for me, to so often be with people who really aren’t present–instead constantly focused on their cell phone screens.  As a very small, first step in trying to figure this out for myself, I am trying to discipline myself to not pull out my cell phone in public (unless actually receiving a phone call).

I was really concerned to discover how hard that was to do.  How did we get “enslaved” to this?  What is the psychology of it?

As I sat on the People Mover, the overhead train system that carries me to work, everyone in the train car was engrossed with their phone.  It is rare to find someone not doing so.  As I sat there, purposely NOT using my phone, I wondered, what am I missing?  I would usually be checking email, my calendar, the weather, and the news.  And I realized none of that could not wait until I was actually in my office, in front of my computer.

And then I asked, what are THEY missing?  Among other things, they were missing a beautiful sunrise over the city.  They were missing quiet time to reflect.  They were missing the opportunity to engage with one another.  They were totally unaware of what was going on around them.  The term Zombie come to mind.  Is this how we want to live?




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