Spiritual Warriors

1. One who is engaged in or experienced in battle.
2. One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict
Warrior seems an unlikely term for Quakers to use, since the word is usually thought of in terms of battles and wars, which Quakers oppose and work against.
I like the second definition above though, related to engaging energetically in a cause.  Today there are many causes to choose from, with widespread conflict, injustice and oppression.
Now is a time when we need spiritual warriors. https://jeffkisling.com/2017/01/07/recruiting-spiritual-warriors/

Quakers, it’s time to get back into the public square. If you believe that there’s life above the snake line, it’s time to get back in the public square.”  Rev. William Barber, The Third Reconstruction, Friends Journal, September 1, 2016.  More from the article:  “That’s what Quakers were doing when they stood against slavery. They said slavery was below the snake line. Hate is below the snake line. Racism is below the snake line. Homophobia and xenophobia are below the snake line. Greed is below the snake line. Injustice is below the snake line. It’s time for us to raise the moral standard above the snake line.”

Images of Native Americans come to mind when thinking of warriors.  What continues to deeply move me is the absolute commitment the Native Americans and other water protectors/warriors in North Dakota to prayer and nonviolence.

Following is part of a recent message from my friend, and local #noDAPL organizer, Joshua Taflinger (in blue shirt below).

What has risen to the surface at Standing Rock is a physical/spiritual movement. Learn how to quiet your mind. To find the silent receptive space to receive guidance. To learn to adapt and follow the pull of synchronicity to guide you to where you will find your greatest support and strength.

What I have found in my time praying in the indigenous earth based ways, is that it’s not about putting your hands together and talking to god…. It’s about quieting and connecting with the baseline of creation, of nature. Tuning into the frequency and vibration of the natural world, the nature spirits. The beings and entities that have been in existence, for all of existence, the examples and realities of sustainability and harmony.

It’s about becoming receptive to these things. Being open and flowing with them. The spirit guides us, but we have to make ourselves receptive to feel, sense, and respond to this guidance.

I think it is good for us to think of ourselves as spiritual warriors, and to seek out other spiritual warriors to work with.  Other spiritual warriors are looking for you to connect to.  Share your spiritual commitment on social media, so others might connect with you.

This is the introduction Joshua wrote for the message above:

I am inspired to share with you all more directly a post I wrote, because I consider you an established & effective nature/spiritual warrior, and believe that there is a need for the perspectives shared in the attached post to be more common thought in the minds of the many.
If you feel truth from this writing, and are inspired, I highly encourage you to re-write your own version, in your own words/perspectives, and post to your network.
With the intention of helping us all wake up, with awareness, clarity, and direction.
..spreading and weaving reality back into the world….

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  1. Peter Clay says:

    Thanks for this Jeff! And thanks for sharing your friend Joshua’s wise words! I like his concept of each of us restating our experience of opening our hearts in our own way and sharing it with others to spread awareness and broaden and strengthen the web of connection.

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