What Next?

I’m asking this question now as I consider retirement.  I’m sure this would be much easier if I didn’t love my work and co-workers so much.  But as I’ve turned my attention more and more to “mysticism and activism”, which I spoke about at North Meadow Friends yesterday, it is becoming increasingly clear that I am being called to some new things.  The energy and time devoted to my work is increasingly becoming an issue.  I recently spoke at North Meadow Friends of a specific conflict–between feeling called to go to North Dakota to support the water protectors, and my work at Riley Hospital for Children.  Although there were different reasons given, every person thought I should continue work at Riley at that time, and I did.

But I did turn 65 years of age recently.  We’ve begun discussions of my retirement at the hospital, and it looks like six months notice may provide enough time to get things ready for my departure.  The main issue is that I wrote all of the computer software, and built the hardware systems for the lung function testing systems we use in the lab.  Adding to the problem is there are very few programmers with medical instrumentation experience, so the lab cannot simply hire a replacement.  It looks like I’ll continue to be available to the lab as a consultant.

I’m putting this out there now because you might have the answer to what I do next.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

  • I’m interested in finding more ways to be attentive to the Spirit, and to be free to put where that leads me to go into action.
  • I will probably use my freedom from a schedule to spend time visiting family and friends at first.
  • There are a number of things that have come to me lately:
    • Riding my bicycle from one Friends meeting to another to learn more about the work of each monthly meeting in Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)
    • Bicycle/photography journeys.
    • Broken Vessels Quaker Ministries
    • Time at Pendle Hill
    • Time/teach at Scattergood Friends School and Farm
      • Work on an IYMC Quaker center at Scattergood
      •  Develop work camps
    • Continue writing and photography
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