Google Finds Quakers and Spiritual Seekers

This past New Year I was thinking about how to let spiritual seekers know about the resources Quakers could offer them.  I wrote about how I assumed one of the main ways seekers would look for answers would be by Internet searches.  When I searched for “Quaker spiritual seeker” January 1, 2017, the list below (except for the first entry) was all that appeared.

So I created the Facebook group, Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers, and the twitter account  @quaker_seeker

I’ve been adding content to both since.

I was curious to see if this would be found by Internet search now.  The results tonight, February 11, 2017, are listed below.

The reference to the blog post about the Facebook page appears at the top of the list.  I was hoping a link directly to the Facebook and twitter pages would appear, but this blog post has the links to those.

Success!  Spiritual seekers can now find Quaker resources when then they do Internet searches.


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