Women’s Marches

The Women’s Marches in Washington, DC, across the United States and around the world were wonderful and amazing.  What an interesting start to the new Republican administration.

I’m sure many, many of you have stories and photos from the weekend.  For my own interest, and as part of our (Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative) peace and social concerns efforts, I’d like to collect as many of those photos and stories as possible.  These would be great additions to our Quaker Story Project.  Please send them, or a link to them, to me at jakislin@outlook.com.

Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Christine Ashley wrote this blog post of their activities this past weekend: DC Activities for the Inauguration and Women’s March and appears below:


Carol Gilbert  posted video of the march in Omaha.


My Uncle Ellis and Aunt Win, Cheryl and Kathy Standing at the Women’s March in Des Moines.  My brother Randy, and sister, Lisa, attended events in Madison, Wisconsin.


Friend Bridget Moix, formerly on FCNL’s staff.

Dinah Duval from North Meadow Friends went to Washington for the March.


As someone who has spent many years organizing events, where a handful of people, greatly appreciated people, show up, I am so impressed with what happened this past weekend.  And hopeful as a result.

Thank you so much!!



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