twitter-age civil rights movement

Social media is becoming increasingly influential in our political as well as social discourse.  A recent issue of Friends Journal is about Quakers and Social Media.  Many people seem to get much of their “news” from social media.  The decline of mainstream journalism and media has contributed to this.   The President-elect has made more people aware of twitter.

For the past week I’ve been writing about ways to try to connect spiritual seekers with Quakers, and created a Facebook group and twitter feed to try to help do so.  Part of the reason for that is to recruit more people into spirit-led activism that will be called for if the new Republican administration attempts to make many of the repressive changes they have indicated.

As an example, recently NAACP President Cornell William Brooks and five others were arrested for a sit-in at one of the offices of Sen. Jeff Sessions, protesting his nomination for Attorney General.

“We are in the midst of a Twitter-age civil rights movement,” said Brooks, “which includes environmental racism, the battle against the corrupting power of money in politics, the ongoing struggle for voting rights and all that we traditionally associate with the civil rights struggle. This is an age which demands an NAACP that is policy savvy but street smart.” 


How can we more effectively use social media for a spirit-led movement and action?  How can we be “policy savvy but street smart”?


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