Environment: People vs Profit

The selection of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opponent, Scott Pruitt, by the new Republican administration to head the EPA sends the clearest signal, yet, that this administration will be one of profit over people.  The newly elected administration has consistently promoted choices that benefit corporations at the expense of people.

As I wrote during the primary season of Donald Trump:

“He promotes the idea that government should be run as a business.  Therefore a businessman, such as himself, would be a good President.

That is a fundamentally flawed argument.  We don’t pay taxes so the government can make money.

We pay taxes to provide the common services needed by all.  For infrastructure construction, and services such as public education, emergency services, food, water and drug safety, etc.  These are not intended to make money, and should not be characterized as subsidizing the poor.”

A society has lost its moral integrity when it places materialism above caring for all members of the society in an equitable and just manner.

We are well into an environmental crisis that will merely evolve dramatically more quickly the longer we ignore it.  The droughts, wildfires, mass migrations of people and extinctions of species, and severe storms are all the result of our environmentally destructive actions.

The EPA was created to protect the environment from industrial practices that not just harm, but destroy it.  The Flint Michigan lead water situation is simply one of thousands of decisions where profit ruled at the catastrophic expense of people.

The incoming Republican administration will of course characterize these changes as ways to improve the economy and people’s lives.  Future generations’ very survival depends upon us breaking our silence and speaking out against these immoral practices.


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  1. Mo, reporter says:

    Hello Mr. Kisling,

    In these past couple of months, I’ve been researching and writing about the pipeline news in our high school’s newspaper to bring information to our community of students (and faculty) that are not aware of the issue. I am very passionate about the termination of this pipeline, and seeing the success of environmental activists on the Keystone XL pipeline I also participated in, I want to use my privileges as a journalist to bring this story in a longer and more impactful format in the first issue the students will see coming back from winter break.

    Having nationwide protests take shape and force in Indianapolis, which is close in proximity to our community, is exciting and important for everyone to know. It would be amazing to tell the story of the protest from your perspective, especially since you have experience in environmental action and documented the entire day. As a local leader, your take on the protest is something integral to the potential of the story’s impact on student’s perspectives.

    If you are interested in an interview, please feel free to email me sometime this week by next Thursday.

    Thank you,
    Lin-Lin Mo
    Carmel High School
    Carmel, IN

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