Your Town–Flint, Michigan

Many people most clearly see issues in terms of their impact on their own lives.  So this is what your town will look like when the Dakota Access Pipeline spills.

[The oil industry, of course, suppresses how often pipelines spill.  Here is a list

Just as when TransCanada was trying to sell the Keystone pipeline as completely safe, and then the pipeline spilled 14 times in the first year, the company building the Dakota Access pipeline claims it will not leak.  Facts prove that to be unbelievable, actually.   But even if the chances were, say 5%, would even that be worth the risk of the consequences?  How can this be done just for the profits of an oil company?  We don’t benefit, but instead will be further harmed when that oil is burned and the CO2 added to the atmosphere.]

Your town will become another Flint, Michigan.  Of course their water was poisoned by lead, where as your water would be poisoned by oil and the toxic chemicals used to make it flow through the pipelines.  But you, too, will no longer have clean water flowing through your water pipes.

Your family won’t be taking showers.  Laundromats will have to close, and you’ll have to decide how much of your water you want to use to clean your clothes.  Nobody will be washing their cars or watering their lawns.

You will have to buy bottled water, while it is possible to find it.  Who knows how long that will be?  The real question is what can you possibly do when bottle water is no longer available?

The entire Missouri River watershed and the farmland for miles on each bank will become a dead zone.  No more acres of corn.  The nation’s bread basket will be empty.

The pipeline will also leak into farmlands along the land route of the pipeline, killing more acres of land.



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