Through a Different Lens

Several weeks ago my camera was stolen.  I’ve tried using my phone’s camera, but the resolution is just not very good.  I had recently purchased a computer tablet because I’m doing most of my reading via electronic books these days.  The tablet has been working out well for that, being much smaller and lightweight than a laptop, but with a much larger screen than a cell phone (6.5  X  9.5  inches).  It also has a very nice built in speaker (so I can listen to Alicia Keys’ “Holy War”).

I used the tablet’s camera for the photos from our latest #NoDAPL gathering and was surprised at how well those turned out.  As I was taking photos during that event, someone remarked “Oh, Quakers Know Black Lives Matter?”, which reminded me that I had placed one of the stickers that Jenny, a Bear Creek Meeting Quaker, had created, on the back of the tablet.  Another way to spread that message.  Interesting juxtaposition: Black Lives Matter and Native Americans.

This is what the “subject” sees when I’m taking a photo:



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