#NoDAPL Indianapolis Banks

I was really happy to see a much larger crowd with many more young people at our #NoDAPL gathering here in Indianapolis yesterday, part of a national day of actions supporting the water protectors.  I was glad my brother Randy was able to attend a #NoDAPL rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

Again I was so moved by the Native American prayers.  I was also happy to meet Josiah Helland, a ceremonial flute player who I had been put in touch with via Facebook a few weeks ago, when a friend was looking for someone to perform at an environmental awards ceremony.

Photos here

Our focus yesterday was to let the banks who are helping fund the Dakota Access Pipeline know of our disapproval.  We helped facilitate the closing of 18 Chase/PNC Bank accounts in Indianapolis for a total of over $100,000, and numerous others attending are planning to close their accounts.

This is along the lines of the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) campaign I was involved in last November that targeted Morgan Stanley and some other financial institutions involved in financing coal.  Those institutions implemented new policies to not fund coal projects.

If you want to support #NoDAPL, please consider closing your accounts at the banks involvedhttps://kislingjeff.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/whos-banking-dapl/

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