The Unknown

While I am surprised at the election of Donald Trump, I’m not shocked.  I just hadn’t realized how deep and widespread the anger toward the political establishment went.  We had a premonition of this with his surprising capture of the Republican party’s nomination.

I’ve been reading “The Next American Revolution” by Grace Lee Boggs for our monthly book discussion at KI (Kheprw Institute).  The book explains the George Bush presidency from the perspective of the dying of the status quo of the white male dominated empire.  I imagine the Trump presidency will just help move this along.

Since the Republican campaign has been about what it is against, we don’t know much about what it is for.  Building a wall, getting rid of Obamacare, cautions about policing the world but building up the military, fossil fuel investment, and huge tax cuts are about all that I’m familiar with.

If Hilary Clinton had been elected, we would have likely seen more of the same political gridlock from Republican opposition to anything from a Democratic President, no matter the merits.  With Republican control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress, legislation is likely to be passed.  Exactly what that legislation looks like remains to be seen.

The midterm elections will be interesting, when the public has another chance to vote (in a more limited sense) on how things went during the first two years of the Trump Presidency.

I think there are fundamental forces in play that will be much more important than politics.  Increasingly severe weather, rising sea levels, and other effects of environmental damage will consume government resources at all levels.  And transitioning from a fossil fuel based economy will severely strain our economic system.

And maybe even more important, I feel there is a movement away from materialism, and toward a “moral revolution of values.”

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