Police Violating Civil Rights of Water Protectors

Please contact the Department of Justice, your Congressional representatives and the White House to ask why law enforcement in North Dakota is being used to suppress the rights of the water protectors for peaceful protest.  Why law enforcement officers from other states are being recruited.  Native rights and multi-state law enforcement make this a Federal issue.

This is the natural progression from the shocking, militarized police response, one that we began to see in Ferguson after the killing of Michael Brown.  We have to speak out, or you will soon see armed soldiers patrolling the streets of your neighborhood, if you don’t already.

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman, David Archambault, wrote in a letter to the Department of Justice:

“Peaceful protests are being met with military vehicles and heavily armed law enforcement personnel in riot gear. Rather than seeking to keep the peace, law enforcement personnel are clearly working in tandem with private security of Dakota Access.”

Is this what the next war will look like?  Armed soldiers, protecting the rich against the rest of us on a global scale?

The CREDO online petition to North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple and the U.S. Department of Justice reads:

“Journalism and activism are not crimes. Ensure that journalists can exercise their constitutional rights to do their jobs without fear of government intimidation or prosecution. Uphold the rights of Native Americans and their allies to peacefully resist the Dakota Access pipeline without threat of violence.”


From:  No Dakota Access Indy

Indiana Homeland Security has sent our police officers to the Standing Rock camps in North Dakota to participate in the bullying and brutalizing of peaceful water protectors.
Please call the police departments who are participating in this and let them know you do not approve or support and are ashamed that our state would send representatives to be part of the lawless, unprofessional, un-constitutional actions and behaviors that the police have demonstrated towards peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock.
The team from Indiana includes 37 total officers from 9 different offices all being organized by and through the Indiana Homeland Security Office:
Indiana Homeland Security Office: 317.234.6713 ; pio@dhs.in.gov
Indiana Department of Natural Resources: (812) 837-9536 ; ICODispatch@dnr.IN.gov
Lake County Sheriff’s Department: (219) 755-3400
Marion County Sheriff’s Office: (317) 327-1700

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1 Response to Police Violating Civil Rights of Water Protectors

  1. lizopp says:

    Make no mistake about it: There are connections that “regular Americans” are beginning to see more clearly, between law enforcement, politicians, and corporations. These three hubs of power could just as easily have been on the side of the indigenous people whose treaties have been broken, whose language and cultural have been nearly destroyed, whose way of life has been desecrated.

    Religious communities and justice-oriented groups are speaking out. We too have the ability to affect change. And more white Americans are waking up to the injustice, structural racism, and white supremacy that are being carried out at the Standing Rock camp.

    Indigenous people at the camp are asking for a few simple things we can do: (1) call the White House and tell the president to intervene and call off both the law enforcement and the pipeline construction: 202-456-1111; and (2) pray. Pray for peace; pray for the land and the water; pray for justice; pray for the safety of the children, elders, women, and men at Standing Rock.

    Blessings, Liz

    On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 6:51 AM, Quakers, social justice and revolution wrote:

    > jakisling posted: “Please contact the Department of Justice, your > Congressional representatives and the White House to ask why law > enforcement in North Dakota is being used to suppress the rights of the > water protectors for peaceful protest. Why law enforcement officers fr” >

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