Pipeline Educational Videos

As more people are becoming engaged with environmental issues, and the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuels, and the concept of “leave it in the ground”, the following videos may be helpful to teach those who are just learning about these things.

The first one is about the Keystone Pledge of Resistance, but the principles apply to the Dakota Access Pipeline struggle as well.  This was the first project I worked on with my friend Derek Glass, who uses web technologies to promote social change.  He and the intern he was training at the time, Andrew Burger, produced this video free of charge, for which I continue to be grateful.  It includes photos of our dedicated local activists who came out time and again to raise awareness about these issues.  My favorite part is the video clip at the end, where Ezra and Ella, children of North Meadow Quaker meeting’s member Kevin Angell, use a bull horn to say “Stop the Keystone Pipeline”.



Another one of Derek’s projects is the Sustainability Scout Indiana website, that aggregates the blog articles from nearly a dozen organizations and individuals who are working on sustainability issues in Indiana.  There may be blog posts there that can help with your educational efforts, too.

The second  video is the most lucid and comprehensive discussion of the implications of the whole Dakota Access Pipeline issue.  The discussion with Mark Morey talks about this in the context of the end of a global winding down of the capitalist/fossil fuel system, and how the youth are leading us into the new way.



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